We started Kodiak Impact because we wanted to be a positive force in our community, our industry, and our world. We are always striving to push the mark higher for sustainability, transparency, and integrity. We create what we stand for, and bring life to real authentic ideas and values through our highly impactful products.


We don’t just want to create great products. We want to make products that create ripples of greatness throught the globe. We always believed that if we could make products as good or better looking than traditional products on the market, more people would consider opting for the sustainable option. Minimal, luxury quality built with sustainable materials. It wasn’t an easy journey, but after 18 months of trial and error, Kodiak Impact was born.

Reducing Waste

We're different than traditional retail. Our products are only made when a customer purchases them. This helps us produce less waste than traditional made-to-sell retail stores.

positive impact

We want to positively impact our community, our industry, and our planet. By helping develop best-in-class sustainable products and investing in programs to minimize our environmental footprint, we hope to raise the bar for what customers expect from brands and contribute to the change we want to see in the world.

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Carbon Neutrality

We contribute to fund projects that reduce pollution such as wind farms, solar installations, or other energy efficiency retrofits in order to counteract our shipping emissions. It's a great way for us to help reduce our carbon footprint.


We’ll planted a tree on your behalf for each individual product you’ll purchase. Your trees will be instantly planted in our Kodiak Forest, meaning you can see the impact of your purchases in real time.

Kodiak Forest

$1.00 of each product sold will be donated directly to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to help them in their most needed areas including habitats, animal care, wildlife research and any other conservation efforts.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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