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We believe many things in life get better with time; yet this isn't always the truth. In 2017 Americans generated over 267 million tons of waste with only 139 million tons being recycled. In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or be thrown away, we proudly enjoy taking a different approach. 

Happy Customers

Beautiful packaging and love the wooden wick. The fragrance is amazing and clean without any oiliness.


The candle burnt very clean and even. Couldn’t be happier ! Good Job Kodiak !!!


The candle smells great and I love that all of the packaging was able to go into my compost bin.


I love the reusable whiskey glass, and the wood wick. never used one like this before. Would definitely purchase another.


Love this candle, and love the zero-waste ethos. The candle was packed beautifully, and it looks gorgeous. Recommend!


I am beyond thrilled to have found an environmentally conscious candle company! Smells great, and the wood wick adds an extra layer of cozy aesthetic.


Great quality heavy scented. Been using soy to burn cleaner thanks !


I bought this candle to remind me of central Oregon, with its wonderful Juniper tree and sagebrush smells. It's not exactly that, but it's close--and smells so, SO good. Definitely recommend!


I love their candles! They smell great and I love wood wick candles especially. I especially love that the company gives back to the environment with every purchase.


I ordered the Banana Nut Bread candle and LOVE it! It's fragrant without being overpowering and I love the wood wick.